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City of Annapolis
Office of Human Resources
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Position Vacancy Announcement
Position Recruitment/Employee Relations Administrator (1017) Opening date June 22, 2018
Department Human Resources Closing date Open until filled
Salary range $65,896 $105,434.09 (A15)
General statement of duties
This is advanced professional staff work: planning, implementing, and coordinating the City Government's Recruitment,
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/Affirmative Action (AA), Employee Relations and Alternative Dispute Resolution
programs, under the general direction and supervision of Human Resources Manager.
Distinguishing features of the class
Work requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the organization and operation of City Government departments
and agencies and of the occupational classes represented in the workforce; and of relevant Federal, State, County and
City legislation and regulations, policies and procedures concerning variety of EEO/AA and other personnel matters. A
high level of interpersonal skills are required, as is initiative, judgment, and the ability to develop sound and defensible
programs. Ability to analyze and resolve a variety of employee problems and issues. Work has a significant impact on
programs and policies affecting all City Government departments, agencies and individual employees that directly affects
public perception of the City Government as an equal opportunity employer.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative only)
 Administers all components of the City s EEO/AA. and Recruitment Program;
 Develop, recommend and implement Affirmative Action and Minority Recruitment policy and programs, and
monitor progress in achieving goals through data collection and analysis; Provide advice, guidance and training
to City management concerning EEO/AA programs and the issues and actions needed to achieve Affirmative
Action goals;
 Coordinate the implementation of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and provide guidance and training to
City Departments and agencies;
 Administers the City’s Employee Relations Programs encompassing mediation, counseling and alternative
dispute resolution to address workplace concerns;
 Supervise and coordinate recruitment activities of departmental employees; assign personnel and recruitment
 Participates in job fairs on behalf of the City of Annapolis;
 Counsel employees having potential EEO/Title VII complaints and work with employees and department
management to resolve EEO problems informally;
 Screens applications for positions within City government;
 Coordinates and Administers Police and Fire Entrance and Promotion examinations;
 Meet with and address community organization, scholastic groups. religious groups and the general public to
familiarize them with job opportunities within City Government;
 Administers the City-wide summer internship program;
 Responsible for the implementation of a variety of human resources special projects under the direction of the
Human Resources Director;
 Prepare reports as required concerning status of EEO/AA, and Minority Recruiting efforts;
 Serves as City government liaison to the Human Relations Commission;
 Performs related duties as may be assigned.
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Required knowledge, skills and abilities
Thorough knowledge of the principles and techniques of administration and supervision: thorough knowledge of EEO laws and regulations; Experience in mediation and counseling of employee complaints and grievances; Ability to plan and coordinate effective program monitoring procedures, evaluate gathered data, compare data to existing standards and draw conclusions, prepare reports and presentations and defend findings, deal effectively with government officials, representatives of private organizations, community groups and others; Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license. Knowledge of current trends in recruitment in a government workforce, mediation tactics, counseling techniques; Ability to work with all different types of people from different backgrounds and experiences, communicate effectively both orally and in writing, build coalitions and build bridges with various members of the community and employee population, complete projects timely and efficiently and conduct presentations and training sessions.
Acceptable experience and training
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a Bachelor's degree in Public or Business Administration, Human Resources Management, or Industrial/ Labor Relations and a minimum of three years of experience in equal opportunity, employment relations, personnel or program compliance work; or any equivalent combination of acceptable education and experience providing the knowledge, skill, and abilities cited above. Successful completion of the Maryland Standard Mediation Training Program. Experience working with EEO (Title VII) issues in a government environment, coordinating programs and projects involving EEO issues, and conducting training/presentations. Experience mediating and resolving employee/management disputes and in the recruitment and retention areas of Human Resource Management. Certification through the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-CP or IPMA-CS), certification through the Society of Human Resources Management (PHR or SPHR) desirable.
Americans With Disabilities Act
Physical ability: to sit for extended periods; ability to operate standard office equipment including copier, computer, fax machine, mailing machine, etc.; ability to reach into file drawers in standard four-drawer filing cabinets.
Visual ability: sufficient to effectively operate office equipment including copier, computer, etc.; to read and write reports, correspondence, instructions, etc.
Hearing ability: sufficient to hold conversation with other individuals both in person and over a telephone; ability to hear recording on transcription device.
Speaking ability: sufficient to communicate effectively with members of the public, department heads and other individuals in person and over a telephone.
Freedom from mental disorders which would interfere with performance of duties as described.
Application process
Candidates must complete a City of Annapolis application form. The application is on-line at and must be filed by the closing date.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment, without regard to political or religious opinion or affiliation, age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or genetic information. The City of Annapolis is an Equal Employment Opportunity/ADA Compliant Employer.